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I'm a distance swimmer who after doing a number of marathon swims including 'Swim around Manhattan' and the English Channel experienced a herniated disc in my neck which in turn pinched a nerve. I lost the strength amd movement in my left arm. For a month i couldn't even dress myself! I started attending Manny's bootcamps and through the strength training i regained my strength and movement and now i am swimming even better than before and planning my next swim. I also met the incredible Dr Walter Priestley, a chiropractor and fellow athlete and through regular adjustments and attending bootcamp i no longer have problems with my neck and im healthier than ever!


- Helen

I was an out-of-shape wife and mother who felt so much older than her years, until I came to Boot Camp. Within five months, I melted away about 30 lbs. and was so surprised to see my old self back again! Now I am down about 38lbs. and I must say I am in the best shape of my life. My physical, mental, and emotional condition have made a long journey, and I am so grateful to Manny for his support and drive. Boot Camp focused me so I could do what was needed to improve my life.This is truly a message from my heart!


- Gina T.

“Excellent, Challenging, Exhilarating, Fun!!!”

The best adult exercise class I have ever attended. As a practicing orthopedic physical therapist I can confidently state Manny incorporates sound scientific exercise principle to improve onesjoint motion, strength, flexibility and endurance. All in a fun and friendly environment. The design & method of the “boot exercise camp” is to self-challenge one’s individual fitness level with the guidance and motivation from Manny and the other campers.Manny’s concern for each “campers” health, safety and interest for each "camper" to achieve their personal goals is evident throughout the program.Great group of people to work out with!!Come and try it!


- Robert McKee

 My name is Joe, I'm 32 years old. I was always very fit in my teenage years and early 20's. But that all changed rather quickly. I shot up to 185lbs and being only 5' 5" that was a lot from my normal 145lbs. Over the past 5 years I have joined a gym and tried many different diets. It was like a roller coaster. I lost I gained and lost and gained again. Mostly due to getting bored of the same routine over and over again. I had to find something different. Something exciting and fun. I seen those insanity commercials over the past couple years. So I decided to googled insanity classes in my area and I found Manny's bootcamp classes. I must say I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Not only is Manny's bootcamp fun and exciting it's intense. Every class is different and every class I leave soaked in my own sweat. Manny is not just a bootcamp instructor who teaches a class. He's a motivator, he pushed you to get in those last couple sets in and when you get that text message when you get home after a class telling you how great your doing it really makes you feel good and look forward to the next class. I'm sure you all wanna know about my results so far. Well it's been unbelievable. I started the classes and Manny's meal plan on May 1st 2012 and by the end of the month I lost 1" off my waist and  8lbs. Not only am I burning fat but my muscles are getting toned and hard. The back pain I had after a long day of construction work went away. Also when working down low I would be on my knees. Not anymore, my legs are strong enough to work in a squatted position with ease. If that didn't blow your mind my wife told me the other day that I don't snore anymore. Who would of know that bootcamp is cure for snoring.  I wake up refreshed and full of energy. No more feeling sluggish and depending on coffee to get through my day. This has been such a BIG improvement in my quality of life in such a short period of time. These classes are worth its weight in gold. I highly recommend it to anybody not only looking to loose weight but to improve there quality of life.  


- Joe

No don't listen to anynoe. it is great and you don't have to do it all the way on first week . as much as your body let you start it and gradually you getting better and stronger. i workout everyday and before i couldn't make it through but now i am the same as what you see on the video, just go for it and don't get disappointment. Cool and good luck


- Lenka

Here’s my story in a nutshell, as I could quite possibly talk for days about how much this has changed my life….(not even kidding!)

About a year before my 40th birthday I realized just how “stuck” I was. I felt that every obligation to every person and my career, with exception to myself, was being met at 110%. As I was having a pity party for myself 1 day, I kept thinking back to a sign that had been hung up in the gym for the 21-day makeover. I decided to put up or shut up and decided that I was going to give myself a chance! I signed up for Manny’s class and over 1 year later and 30+ pounds lighter, I am a completely new person.


I no longer have the insomnia that I have had for over a decade, no more lower back pain on a daily basis, no more anger and resentment for doing everything else for everyone and having nothing left for myself. Now I put myself first by being diligent about getting up every morning at 5am to get my workouts in. I have learned that this makes me have more energy throughout the day and makes me more focused at my job and a happier person overall. The days that I miss, however rare, I can certainly feel the difference!


I love sharing the information that I have learned from Manny and my fellow boot-campers with others. I have even got my 14 year son hooked! Not too often that you can drag a teenage kid out of bed at 5am to exercise voluntarily! I am both proud happy to be a positive role model for him and anyone else that “catches the bug.”


Initially I thought that this was going to be a simple way to start loosing weight. Boy was I wrong! This has been a life changing experience! I am grateful beyond words for the experience that this has become and truly hope that everyone can feel as great as I now do!




- Tina

I started boot camp about 18 mos. ago. I am a certified fitness instructor and aside from teaching fitness classes for the last 18 years, I have been exercising my entire life. Until I began boot camp, I considered myself to be in great shape. In June 2009, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although it was in its early stages, I still opted for a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. I underwent 2 surgeries - one in August 2009 and the other in November 2009. Fortunately, I recovered very quickly from both surgeries (due to the good physical condition that I was in) and was back to teaching classes within a short time after both surgeries. Unfortunately, though, I had lost great deal of chest strength from the surgeries. Doing a full push-up was quite a challenge for me. But I was determined to get my strength back. Boot camp has been instrumental in not only improving my chest strength but improving my overall fitness level as well. My running pace has improved (I went from a 10.0 min/mile pace to 8.50), my bike riding is stronger, and my stamina has increased. Thanks to boot camp, at 48 years old I am in the best physical condition of my life!


- Marcella

This is absolutely the best workout experience I have ever had! In just 2 short months i have lost 13 inches and 10 pounds just by following Manny's meal plans and workout routine. This is a 45 minute class 3 times a week that delivers REAL results. I knew i had to do something about the weight gain I was not happy with! I did not want to go up another size in my clothing. I found Manny and my entire workout routine has changed. I not only look better, I FEEL better. I was a member of a gym for the past 3 years - and I never saw the results there that I have received through working out with Manny. Thank you Manny for always keeping us focused so that we can acomplish what we came to do - Get Fit!


- Kelly Ann

My name is Jeannie. I started at a gym (2 years) and I was getting bored. It seemed like I was changing with the times but the gym was staying the same. So I started Kick Boxing (LOVED IT) for 2 1/2 years and then too I was getting bored. I knew I needed to make another change and my journey brought me to Manny's Boot Camp. At first I was nervous because you never know what to expect. The minute I started class and finished I was HOOKED. I was so EXCITED that I found something that STIMULATED by mind, body and soul. Manny is wonderful and very encouraging. At times we can be hard on ourselves: can I, will I, what if - STOP!!! He helps you to see the full potential in YOU because he is not judging you, just guiding you. I am so HAPPY that I was introduced to Manny and I sincerely feel better, look better and have so much more respect for myself and my full potential. Thank you... :)


- Jeannie

You have heard of Freshman 15 I am sure, well I can tell you about the Doctoral 80. As a doctoral student I gained 80 lbs., and have struggled ever since to get it off. Let me just state upfront my disclaimer, I was a very active and athletic young adult, but the stress of the program and a failing marriage played havoc. Over the years I have had several gym memberships, ironically there is one in my apartment complex that is included in my monthly fees, gone to weight watchers, hired several personal trainers, even enrolled in a boot camp where I lost half of the weight I wanted to get rid of. I was on a roll, but since having moved back to NY I am now right back to needing to lose all 80 again. Frustrated & disappointed that I was not living out what I preach, namely that one should be healthy and fit in order to optimize fully the balanced mind & body experience so as to become all that one was created to be, I was unhappy and in need of something.


Having done an internet search for boot camps early one morning, I stumbled upon Manny’s boot camp offer, where for a nominal fee one could experience 14 days of boot camp. Well, I went for the first time on Sat May 19th 2012. It was fabulous. I was challenged but was able to keep up. My cells & muscles felt exhilarated and happy to be back in the game of total fitness, my internal being was awakened and ready to get to work. It has been 2 weeks, I have been able to be to do these “Manny type workouts” three times a week since then and I must say I feel differently. I am stronger, able to get up out of chairs more gracefully and without the fear of not being able to get out of the seat having sat down, I am also able to go up and downstairs without the severe knee pains I had had in the very recent past. For the first time in years I know that I can overcome once and for all these dreaded DOCTORAL 80lbs. I am excited and confident that the weight will be a thing of the past soon but more importantly I will be healthier and more able to do both the simple and challenging things that I have had to previously shy away from.


- Janet

My name is Veronica. Like many of Manny's clients I am a mom that has neglected herself since having kids 14 years ago. I have been a weight watchers member for more years than I care to admit. I would lose weight, gain weight, lose weight so on and so on. I was getting tired of counting points and felt stuck. After reading Caroline's posts every other day on facebook about how boot camp kicked her butt but felt great and seeing her results in such a short time made me want to give it a try. I messaged Caroline inquiring about the boot camp. She thought I would be a good candidate for the boot camp and forwarded my email to Manny.


I first heard about Manny's boot camp about 2 years ago when my daughter was cheering for FGA. A part of me wanted to give it a try but than the other part of me was nervous and thought that this was just another gimmic to drag you in and take your money so I threw the flier away. I'm sorry that I didn't give it a chance.


Manny emailed me asking what my goals were. I responded back with what I thought might be some obstacles as to why I thought I should start after Thanksgving. For every reason why I thought I should wait he came back with 2 reasons why I shouldn't wait and that WE can work around whatever it is. Manny didn't give up on me NOT even knowing me! I think that's what made my mind up.


I now have been a client of Manny's since November 12th. In 21 days I lost 12.25 inches and 7 lbs. This program is no joke. It truly works!!! When you really look and read what Manny has put together it truly is a no brainer. I have not felt this good in a very long time. I don't feel tired in the middle of the day anymore and the amount of energy I have is awesome! There is no way of not losing weight or inches on this program. You need to have the drive to want it. The work outs are the best! I actually look forward to going the 3 days a week that I am signed up for. You never know what to expect when you get into the gym.


I can tell you that everyone that surrounds me in my life has benefited from this program. My family says that they reap the rewards of a more content and happier me! I now being able to fit my once wider rear into a childs rocking chair has really ROCKED my world!


We can all say that we don't have time or the money. Think about it. Where can you go and have someone such as Manny who sincerely cares about your well being. Manny is like having a personal trainer 24/7. You can email him or even call him when needed. Manny is very passionate about what he has worked on for years. He is very encouraging and is there to guide you through a journey that you will be so happy you experienced. Becoming one of Manny's clients is the BEST thing I have done for myself. If you are thinking about change Manny is the trainer for you! You will be glad you tried it and won't ever look back again. I know I won't! I look forward to what is ahead. Thanks Manny for being the person you are.


- Veronica

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