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Xpress Body Boot Camp is in the business of building muscles, not just the physical muscles that give definition to your body, but the mental muscles that keep you motivated even after hitting a plateau.  This award winning facility has taken an unconventional approach to fitness and weight loss and along the way has revolutionized how some folks on Long Island feel about exercise.

It has been our experience that in most cases the concerns of women, especially those around the age of 40 is unique and not easily addressed by conventional nutrition and weightloss strategies.


Fitness and weight loss programs that do not understand or address the hormonal changes experienced by this population will only exacerbate an already sensitive situation. Xpress Body has created  protocols specific to your concerns and can assist you overcome the complex issues of weigh loss and hormonal imbalance and menopause.

Our program nutrition and exercise regimen was created with your concerns in mind so feel confident knowing that you are not alone on this front.    

The majority of our clients experience significant RESULTS with-in 21 days or less, That is our guarantee!



Xpress Body Boot Camp started with humble beginnings in the back of a small batting cage in Deer Park N.Y.  Its founder Manny Rodriguez is a life long athlete and a former commander of the NYPD Physical Training and Tactics Dept.   With over  25 years experience as a trainer and coach he has touched thousands of lives with his unique coaching style and fitness innovations.   


Xpress Body Boot Camp has been voted the BEST FITNESS AND FAT LOSS BOOTCAMP on Long Island in 2015, 2016 and again in 2017.  As polled by the Long Island Press and voted by folks like you. Xpress Body Boot Camp remains the best in their class by their ability to deliver rapid results in a safe, effective and enjoyable manner. So effective that over 95% of its members are word of mouth referrals.

Xpress Body Boot Camp is a full service program committed to educating their clients and showing them how to lose weight and get in shape in a safe, sustainable and enjoyable manner.  We not only deliver results, we promise each of our clients an AMAZING experience.


Farmingdale's Xpress Body Boot Camp is unique in that their core workouts are ONLY about 35 minutes long and is combined with their proven nutritional program.  On it's own the high intensity workouts are very effective but the real secret is when these metabolic workouts are incorporated into the Xpress Body System. This is when the magic happens.

The workouts are never the same and the program accommodates any fitness level.

1-on-1 and private group sessions can be requested separately but the core of our clients excel in our personal group training.

Who Is This Program For?

This program is extremely popular among busy folks who don't have time to spare at the gym. It's for anyone who needs to see a breakthrough in the shortest amount of time.

It's for anyone in need of structure and accountability.  This program accommodates beginners and experienced gym goers alike.  Our morning and mid-day programs are extremely popular among busy moms and "Baby Boomers", and are 35 minutes as well.

By incorporating science based health and fitness principles, with nutritional planning and motivational coaching, Xpress Body Boot Camp has tapped into a formula that guarantees its clients AMAZING RESULTS through their 35 minute metabolic strength training circuits.


  We believe that success starts with a mindset change and a STRONG "WHY". Once a client experiences a breakthrough, they begin to enjoy flexing their most powerful muscle.


 Real change is not about changing diets, exhausting runs or restricting calories, to experience long term success all you need is a strong enough "WHY" and the right coaching plan to help keep you accountable.

Therefore, functional assessments, goals setting, nutritional coaching and measured results are at the core of our program. 




One of Manny's favorite success stories is still that of his long time client Carolyn.  She has been with Manny from the early days and is one of his most inspiring clients.   Never a gym person before,  Carolyn started her fitness journey later in life.  Not to lose weight but to address a valid concern that effects many baby boomers.  Carolyn was concerned about aging and losing her mobility, strength and range of motion.  


Carolyn was lacking core strength, and needed improvement in mobility, stability and muscle tone.   What she was not lacking was the enthusiasm for living and the spirit to stay young. 


Nevertheless, her fitness issues impacted her quality of life to the extent that it limited her performance doing some everyday functions including her ability to get in and out of her vehicle comfortably.   Carolyn took matters into her own hands and seeked out the help of an expert.  Fortunately she ran into a friend who recommended Manny's program.



She committed to training at Xpress Body BC twice a week in Syosset.  It wasn't long before Carolyn started to experience dramatic improvements and has since caught the fitness bug.  She found her fountain of youth and if you meet her you will never guess her true age:)

Today Carolyn is still on her fitness journey and likely will be for life.  She is the first to tell you that fitness has changed her quality of life exponentially.   Those who know her will agree that she really is amazing!   She is able to move better than women half her age and is proud of her accomplishments.  Seeing clients like Carolyn is what keeps me INSPIRED!


   This is a picture of Carolyn doing cleans and dips.  Not bad for a lady who had trouble getting in and out of her car!  I'm telling you 60 really is the new 30... It's never to late for change


Xpress Body Boot Camp distinguishes itself by always staying cutting edge.

  •  First by becoming the first and original 35 minute bootcamp on Long Island  and later by

  • starting one of the first programs targeting "BABY BOOMERS" 

  • incorporating metabolic training programs, functional movement protocols and nutritional coaching.  

  • XBBC continues to evolve and today is recognized as the preeminent fitness and fat loss experience on Long Island.  

  • Driven by science based nutritional principals, personalized coaching and unsurpassed accountability, Xpress Body Boot Camp is the one stop solution for anyone looking to regain control of their body, seeking to change their life, and regain their youth!

  • Participants progress are tracked on a proprietary fitness software.  Members are photographed, weighted-in and calibrated then given access to their profiles so they can track their results.  Best of all our clients are kept on a maintenance program once they reach their goals

  • Weight ins and weekly meetings for challenge members

Just 35 minutes of this high intensity metabolic program 3X a week, in combination with all the the motivational coaching and nutritional support you will ever need to succeed.

Xpress Yourself Today!


Meet The Team


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