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50 is the NEW 30 and 60 is the new 40

Functional Training

It's clear that baby boomers aren’t simply looking to “workout,” rather, they want to exercise in a way that will help them improve vitality, sustain vibrant energy and maintain their physical fitness.  This is a population committed to fighting the chronic diseases that come with age, and perform daily tasks and activities as they did  in younger days.

This is a generation that understands the importance of maintaining their active lifestyles even as they get older.  Unlike generations before baby boomers will live longer, play harder and yes they will be around to love more!

Quality of life and physical contact does not need to go away. However, with more and more boomers living longer its never been more important to plan on sustaining the life styles they have become accustomed too. 50 or 60, its never to late to get started.  Its never to late to feel young again!

Xpress Body functional training was designed to train movements and build muscles and to help make it easier and safer to perform everyday activities. The Xpress Body Functional Aging System is an extremely effective option targeted at this population.  It takes into consideration age related limitations and contraindications that are not standard to most fitness programs.

Xpress Body functional training will make everyday tasks – such as getting in and out of a car, picking up groceries, opening and closing a garage door etc.... easier by mimicking those motions in training.  At the elite level it will help sustain and improve muscular strength, endurance and self esteem. 

The key is to use multi-functional strength exercises that involve rotating, pushing, pulling, walking and when possible running to help improve power and endurance so baby boomers can reduce their risk of injury and improve their quality of life.

Fifty is whatever you want it to be... Do you want to feel as if you were 70 or would you prefer to age gracefully?  50 really is the new 30 and 60 is the new 40!

Start turning the clock back and start building the body you deserve. By using exercises that work multiple muscle groups and different body parts in unison individuals are able to improve strength, balance, mobility, stability and coordination.
Through fitness nutrition and balance you too can delay the effects of aging.

This is a full service program which promotes functional fitness in the form of cardio combined with strength training, nutrition and recovery.  Best of all this program was designed and is supervised by Functional Aging Specialists.

For more information and for a free consultation please contact Manny @ at 516-770-4784

Sessions are 30 minutes in duration between noon and 1 pm

Space is limited...For more info please contact Manny or Pura at or use the contact sheet above.

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