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Feeling Tired, Frustrated, and Ready to Give Up?  
Please don't quit... Wait and hear me out just for a moment, because chances are it may not even be your fault.
My guess is that your weight gain and body shape has gotten out of control.  You have tried everything but still cannot seem to lose that stubborn belly fat.
Maybe you are spending countless hours in the gym doing long and tedious workouts, and tried different diets or classes to rid yourself of this pressing problem with little or no success.
Spin, Kick Boxing and Orange theory 3x a week and still you are stuck!
Perhaps you even hired a personal trainer only to find out that he/she could not help you.  You are probably at your wits end by now and I don't blame you.
I know this because it describes so many of folks I meet.  Good people just like you who are tired of diets, ineffective programs and gimmicks.  
I'm here to offer you a solution but I'm about to give you a reality check as well.  If your metabolism is stagnant and your hormones are out of control, you must address this if you are to achieve the body of your dreams.
Some folks believe that through dieting & exercise alone they can solve this problem.  What they don't know is that to make a real break through they will need to make a few immediate lifestyle changes.  Most folks have the desire to change but they just don't have the right information.
Truth be told we are in a REAL crisis and the sad part is that the solution is right under our nose. It truly is in plain sight but you will never believe it until you experience what I am about to show you.
You have been addicted to sugar for years but no one has ever brought it to your attention.  The next 21 days will be an awakening for you.  The next 21 days just may change your life!
This is a solution so simple that I am betting on your success!
Yes, I will put it in writing because once you follow the simple rules I am about to teach you it will be almost impossible for you to fail.
However, I must warn you that this program is not for everyone, and if you are just in it for the AMAZING workouts you may be taking the place of someone who really needs this program.  
Space is always limited so don't let the opportunity get away.
Yeah, we have been voted by Long Islanders as the best boot camp on the Island, and yes we have people drop in to try our high energy workouts so don't worry I have a program for those high octane folks too, but this 21 Xpress Body Program is specifically for you.
The information I will reveal to you in this program may make you angry at first, but if you are like many of the folks on this page you will experience a paradigm shift, and then you will join me in making a major impact on the health of our neighbors and our community.
We donate hundreds of hours to this cause through our free community outreach programs and by sponsoring numerous charities and community events.  
All we ask is that as we help YOU "FINALLY" reach your goal you promise to help us by sharing your success story with our community.  Yes...We create new success stories every 21 days and I am betting the next one just may be yours.  If you are ready to take my 21 day challenge and make a break through register below.
However, if you are still skeptical I invite you to come in and test drive this program to see if it's for you.
Schedule a free consultation by contacting me or my assistant at 516-882-5308
P.S.S.  Let's face it you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.  This is the crossroad you often hear about.  Take a leap of faith RIGHT NOW and resolve to change your life in the next 21 days!
Committed to your fitness and health,
Manny Rodriguez MPA, CSCS
Body Transformation Specialist






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